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Gamzee is finished!! YAAAAAAY I never want to make a small scale Zillyhoo ever again.

The first picture is without black light, but seeing as the doll was specifically made to be shown under a black light, all of the other photos are with the black light on. He’s the tallest doll I’ve made in this style, standing at 10… 11? inches tall with the horns.

Just like the others, he’s fully poseable and has “real” clothes that fit on top of the nude body. All of the patterns were made by me (and I don’t give them out, sorry!). Everything was hand sewn.

His horns and teeth are both sculpted from clay (poly clay for the teeth and sculpy light for the horns).

in normal light his eyes are reflective gold, but under the black light they have the green-sun shine :D

if you have any questions, check out my FAQ or my sewing tag (pu sews) linked on the side bar of my blog.